Technical Assistance

during the construction phase

Quality control in factories

international coverage

We cover : cottages, houses and wooden framings,
We can travel throughout France and Internationally,
with a team, our equipment, a forklift (depending on the location)
for the construction of wooden houses (water-tight, air-tight or keys in hand).

(except electrical and plumbing).

With twenty years experience,
(serving customers HONKA, HONKAMAJAT, Artichouse ...)
we specialize in specific technical assistance to individual projects
such as sorting, starting the construction, for squaring the frame ...

We cover both HEHA (air-tight, water-tight) mounts and complete assemblies.

We can adapt to meet your requirements and budget.

We present naturally all coverages: Liability, decadal,
depending upon the project undertaken..

We are mobile internationally and have already completed more than 200 kits.



Quality control in the factory allows us not only to guarantee the quality of the materials,

but also the shipping.

The kits are tested and measured before being shipped to guarantee

that your delivery will be in order.

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