Support Mounting


Our technical assistant comes alone and is assisted by you and your friends:

a team of 3 to 6 people depending upon the size and structure of the construction.

The time period can range from 1 day to full completion of your kit.
It can also be sequenced.
For example:
3 days of squaring followed  by 4 days putting in place the skeleton/framework. 2 days at the end spent demonstrating and explaining how to put in place the woodwork and trim.
In the interim, you will have erected the walls.

This solution allows you to benefit from all the experience of a professional who
guide you and bring you all the know how required to assemble your kit.
You'll have the satisfaction of having assembled your own home
while making some significant savings.

After leaving, the technical assistant always offers telephone assistance if needed,

during the entire duration of your construction..

We travel throughout France and Internationally.

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